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-Free Webinar for Muslim Educators & Parents-

The Jannah Mindset

Discover the 6-Step Framework for Empowering Young Hearts with a Vision of Jannah
Duration: 90mins

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On this webinar, you will discover...

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Crafting a Visionary Mindset

Uncover the art of inspiring children with a visionary mindset, aligned with the beauty and rewards of Jannah. Learn how to ignite the flames of passion for the Deen, nurturing children who practice with conviction.

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Empowering Spiritual Growth

Explore techniques to empower children's spiritual journey. Discover how our approach fosters self-awareness, mindfulness and strong character traits, laying the foundation for them to become confident, conscientious Muslims.

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Unleashing Holistic Potential

Dive into our proven 6-step framework, guiding children to become well-rounded individuals. Explore how our approach nurtures critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and a holistic balance between intellectual, emotional and social development.


Your Hosts

We're not just educators; we're partners on your journey to nurturing confident, passionate Muslims.

Fouzia Usman

Parenting Coach, Founder of Muslim Nation Builders, Ummah Stars


Said Meftah

Speaker, Educator, Youth Mentor.


Yasemin Inal

High-Performance Coach, Sales Strategist, Professor turned Entrepreneur, Founder of Amplify your Dreams. 


Empower a New Generation of Muslim Nation Builders with a Jannah Mindset

Our approach, rooted in Islamic teachings, fosters a unified vision while recognizing each child’s unique potential. Join us to cultivate holistic growth guided by timeless Islamic wisdom and modern pedagogy. Be part of our purpose-driven community shaping a brighter future for the Ummah.