to practice their faith with passion 
and conviction.

Revolutionizing how Islam is taught to children


The Muslim Nation Builders Maktab System is an onsite and online model offering weekly live classes, monthly workshops, community and personalized support for Muslim children aged 7-16 and their parents. 



to practice their faith with passion and conviction.

Revolutionizing how Islam is taught to children

The Muslim Nation Builders Maktab System is an onsite and online model offering weekly live classes, monthly workshops, community and personalized support for Muslim children aged 7-16 and their parents.


We cultivate a Jannah Mindset in children so they live their life with vision and purpose.

We nurture them to discover their inner light so they can develop their talents, seek Ihsan, reach their full potential and shine as Ummah Stars.
Muslim Nation Builders is inspired by the vision and teachings of the Nation Builder, Sh. Muhammad Alshareef (ra), and is dedicated to continuing his legacy.

What is a Maktab?

A traditional Maktab offers Quranic recitation and basic Islamic teachings. While this foundation is crucial, the evolving world demands more. Our children need to be engaged to connect with the deen and consider it a way of life.

How is Our Maktab System Unique?

The Musim Nation Builders Maktab is a holistic program that nurtures your child’s spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth, preparing them to excel in diverse aspects of life. Our Maktab offers comprehensive character building, critical thinking skills and assistance to parents in identifying the fitrah of the child, so their children can live up to their highest potential.

Our program is designed to address the unique needs of the entire Muslim familiy unit, providing the tools and guidance to raise children who are spiritually rooted, confident and well-prepared for the future.

Muslim Nation Builders

What makes it unique?
  • Embracing the Prophetic blueprint for guidance.
  • Implementing mentorship programs for families.
  • Nurturing the Jannah mindset within both parents and children.
  • Infusing family activities with themes from the Quran.
  • Nurturing and molding strong character traits.
  • Establishing a collaborative team to align towards a unified VISION.
  • Recognizing and magnifying each child's unique potential.

How does it work?

Weekly classes for your children by teachers, trained and facilitated by Muslim Nation Builders.

We deliver cutting-edge training

for teachers and parents to effectively nurture the unique talents and potential of Muslim children.

The Muslim Nation Builders Tarbiyah Model

How does it work?

Weekly classes for your children

By trained teachers

Facilitated by Muslim Nation Builders


Weekly classes for your children by teachers, trained and facilitated by Muslim Nation Builders.

We deliver cutting-edge training

for teachers and parents to effectively nurture the unique talents and potential of Muslim children.

The Muslim Nation Builders Tarbiyah Model

So, what do you get when you sign up to the Muslim Nation Builders Maktab System?

1. Weekly Live Classes
for Children 7-16 Years Old:

Empower your child's learning journey with our engaging and interactive weekly live classes. Divided into 3 age groups 7-9, 10-12, and 13-16. These classes are tailored to delve into Islamic teachings, character development and life skills. Our experienced educators guide children through inspiring lessons that cultivate both their knowledge and devotion.

2. Monthly Live
Workshops for Parents:

As a member, you'll have access to enlightening monthly live workshops led by expert educators and parenting specialists. Gain valuable insights into effective parenting techniques, fostering emotional intelligence and nurturing a Jannah mindset in your children. Join a community of parents who share your journey and aspirations.

3. Parent Community:

Join a vibrant and supportive community of parents who are dedicated to their children's holistic growth. Connect, share experiences and learn from fellow members. Engage in discussions, seek advice and celebrate the successes of your parenting journey together.

4. Exclusive Content:

Enjoy exclusive access to a wealth of valuable content, including videos, articles and resources on parenting, education and child development. Stay informed and empowered as you navigate the path of raising well-rounded and spiritually connected children.

5. Individualized Assessments:

Regularly track your child's progress with our individualized assessments. Receive comprehensive reports detailing your child's emotional and spiritual growth. Benefit from personalized recommendations to further enhance their development.

6. Monthly 1-1 Meetings with Parents:

Participate in monthly meetings where we delve into your child's progress. Receive personalized advice, discuss challenges and then celebrate milestones with other parents. These meetings provide a supportive space to address your specific concerns and share your journey.

7. Discounts & Offers:

As a member, enjoy exclusive discounts on additional courses, workshops and resources offered by Muslim Nation Builders. You'll also have access to special rates on partner programs and events, further enriching your child's learning experience.

The Investment

Monthly payment of


for the first month. Thereafter, $199/month for the remaining 2 months


The Investment

Full payment of


for 3 month program


Transforming education and shaping a brighter future for the next generation.

Our Vision

To create a world where Muslim children live a purposeful life aiming for excellence in Deen and Dunya.

Our Mission

To equip teachers and parents with the tools to spiritually empower children to practice the Deen with passion and conviction.

Our Goal

To provide the resources and guidance for children to become confident Muslims and to thrive and succeed utilizing their unique talents.

Together, we can nurture a new generation of Muslim Nation Builders, fostering unwavering dedication to the Deen and molding a future brimming with passion and excellence...

A generation that will march towards a new golden age, insha'Allah.

The Backstory

By Fouzia Usman

s my years of research unfolded, it became evident that Muslim children were growing increasingly disconnected from their religion, lacking the vital passion and devotion necessary for their future.

Determined to understand the root causes, I embarked on interviews with Muslim youth directors, coordinators, parents, young Muslims and even former Muslims. The weight of uncertainty for the future of Islam weighed heavily on my heart.

Deen vs. Dunya

As I observed the challenges children face in navigating their worldly pursuits of education and personal growth, questions arose.

Would they thrive academically?
Discover their passions and talents?
And, crucially, would they have the courage and determination to wholeheartedly pursue those passions?

In our Ummah, we have highly educated individuals, as well as religious scholars, yet there exists a disconnect.

Highly educated Muslims may lack Islamic knowledge or not practice their faith, while religious scholars may lack modern non-Islamic knowledge. This discrepancy is the heart of the problem.

Muslim Nation Builders (MNB) aims to follow the footsteps of our past predecessors who did not distinguish between religious and secular education.

During the Golden Age and the Ottoman Era, scholars and inventors in the Islamic world made significant contributions to knowledge and innovation without separating faith and secular knowledge.

They viewed the pursuit of knowledge as a religious obligation, seeing it as a means of drawing closer to Allah. Their interdisciplinary approach and holistic perspective propelled advances in fields like mathematics, astronomy, medicine, chemistry and philosophy.

The dreams of Muslim parents and their children are not always aligned.

I observed a cultural trend where parents imposed their own dreams onto their children without considering their true potential. I found myself in a similar situation, trying to conform to societal expectations.

My husband, a pediatrician, and I, a software engineer, initially wanted our children to pursue our dream careers. However, we realized the importance of igniting their individual spark and nurturing their true potential for a fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, many parents fail to do so, resulting in children being pushed into careers they are not interested in or not suited for. This scenario is all too common.

As parents, we often find ourselves in jobs we dislike, longing for weekends to escape the monotony. This cycle should not be perpetuated in the next generation. It is crucial to break this cycle and educate parents.

As I delved deeper, I discovered a lack of a unified vision between parents and teachers for the children's future.

Articulating a clear and inspiring vision to align everyone under a common goal proved challenging.

Both parents and children are missing the Jannah vision, as our lives become consumed by competition and a never-ending race. The solution lies in bringing parents and children together with the same Jannah vision, fostering a unified goal.

Through coaching parents from various continents in my Parenting GPS program, I witnessed their enthusiasm. However, they struggled to bring their children on board with the same vision.

This realization highlighted the urgent need for a system within the Muslim Ummah to break this cycle and unite parents and children with a shared vision and unified goal, just as our past predecessors did during the Golden Age.

During that period, I had a remarkable dream that left a profound impact on me.

On January 6th, 2023, I dreamt of Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef, preparing to receive a gift from me. The dream was filled with joy and an incredible atmosphere that felt remarkably real.

Shortly after, Sheikh Abu Muhammad, the father of Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef, reached out to me. He expressed appreciation for my videos and the message I conveyed to parents, acknowledging the positive impact it had on the Ummah. Intriguingly, I shared my dream with him.

Through subsequent conversations, Abu Muhammad, as he is affectionately known, requested that I seek out a school for young children, aiming to teach them about the Deen and instill within them a fervent passion for Islam, thereby shaping them into the nation builders of tomorrow‚ÄĒjust as he had raised a nation builder himself.

It was an extraordinary synchronicity as, after years of research, I was nearing the creation of a revolutionary system to transform the teaching of Islam to children. Then, my dream occurred, followed by Abu Muhammad's request to focus on children.

It was an undeniable sign from Allah. Muslim Nation Builders was born at that very moment, guided by Allah and the alignment of my dreams, research and Abu Muhammad's call for action.


A Special Message to All Muslim Parents from Fouzia...



Muslim Nation Builders in 2030

By the end of year 2030, our goal is to make a profound impact on many lives.


Classes Taught in Our Maktab




Maktabs Created


Muslim Children Impacted

The Team

Fouzia Usman

Parenting Coach, Founder of Muslim Nation Builders & Ummah Stars


Faisal Amjad

Founder of KNOW and Co-Founder of Muslim CEO

Dr. Rasiq Ahmed MD

Pediatrician, Los Angeles, California

Yasemin Inal

High-Performance Coach, Sales Strategist, Professor turned Entrepreneur,  Founder of Amplify your Dreams

Abu Muhammad

Father of late Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef

Mufti Abdul Wahab Waheed


Dr.Hena Akhtar MD

Pediatric Physician, Productive Muslim Instructor, Life Coach, and Holistic healing practitioner


Kathryn Jones

CEO and Founder of Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy, transformative coach, influential global speaker, parenting mentor, and author

Shaikhah Dana Jarrar

B.A. Education, and teacher, with a diploma in Educational Leadership and Ijazahs in Quran and Mukhtasir Sahih Al Bukhari. Served as Principal of Reflection Sunday School for 6 years.

Said Miftah

Creative Director of education department, Muallim

Sharmeen Kazi

Founder of Umammah Learning Academy, mentor, teacher, curriculum creator, and veteran homeschooler

Aya Qutob

Science fair coach and tutor, Science educator, curriculum developer.

Jamilah Ali

Montessori Directress, and Islamic studies. Holds Ijazah in tilawah.

Aaliyah Nowfel

B.A. Islamic Studies, Veteran Homeschooler and Co-op Coordinator.

Tania Mustafa

Teacher, Los Angeles District College, Curriculum Creator, Mentor

Wael Abdelgawad

Author, columnist, Sunday school teacher and holds multiple martial arts black belts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join us at Muslim Nation Builders as we work together to inspire the next generation of Muslim leaders, thinkers and visionaries who will contribute to society while upholding their Islamic values.

Together, we can create a world where young Muslims flourish, both in Deen and Dunya, just like the exemplary examples set by the sahaba and the Muslims that contributed to the Golden Age of Islam.